Monday, March 2, 2009

International Women's Day online celebration!

Ending domestic and dating violence cannot be accomplished by one organization alone; it takes the work of many individuals across different organizations, across many nations. That is why we open our blog to others who also spread awareness about this important issue, no matter where they are. On behalf of Breakthrough an international human rights organization that uses media, education and pop culture to promote values of dignity, equality and justice we post the following information in support of their International Women s Day online celebrations.

Message from Breakthrough:

We're writing to call on you to get involved in our campaign, Bell Bajao (Ring the Bell), calling on men and boys to join women in bringing domestic violence to a halt.

Bell Bajao has been reaching millions across India and is encouraging unprecedented engagement on the ground. We want YOU to be part of the action to promote women's rights. Breakthrough is celebrating International Women s Day on March 8, by celebrating all those who are speaking out, through their actions, their beliefs, their music or art.

Join the blog action week from March 2 - 8 on and tell us your stories. Write about those people who support women s rights either through their passion, their work or in their personal lives. Stories can include photographs, videos and other visual elements to be posted online. Do include a short description of yourself as well (name, age, location, any additional details).

You'll be joining some amazing male leaders like Bollywood actor and Bell Bajao ambassador Boman Irani .

Notable author and former UN Undersecretary General Shashi Tharoor is writing...Fashion designer Sandeep Khosla is talking Bell Bajao campaign creator Zenobia Pithawalla speaks out Ad film director Bauddhayan Mukerji frames his views...Copywriter Ryan Mendonca crafts lines...activist Harish Sadani is taking a stand on The Bell Bajao Blog

So join Breakthrough in bringing domestic violence to a halt! Bell Bajao !


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