Friday, September 18, 2009

Jon & Kate +8?

....................There has been a lot of talk lately surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin regarding their split. There have also been rumors saying that Jon Gosselin is now claiming that he was emotionally abused by Kate and emotionally broken down by her. Are you a fan of the show? Is there an episode or a moment from the show that you remember where they treated one another in an unhealthy or abusive way? In your opinion, what would have been a better way to deal with these situations? Also, there is little talk about how the children may be affected by all of this. What effect do you think this has on their children?

Click Here to see what Jon has to say


  1. I can't say I've watched every show, but I have seen a lot of the old episodes and what it looked like to me; was like Jon took a backseat [for whatever reason] to Kate's way of handling the household. From what I could tell, she was kind of neurotic in the sense that she was determined to have her ship run very smoothley -- given that they have 8 kids. In part, I think it's natural for most of us to want to control our setting -- to make it as 'normal' as much as possible. I think in the end though, her type A personality clashed with his and instead of him talking -- he reacted -- in a negative way...which only then compounded to whatever negativity she had brought into the household.

    Since so much of his tacky love life is being printed in the media....I gotta tell you -- I am really turned off and don't watch the show at all. The kids are the ones that are suffering the most. I mean, what's going to happen when they become 11, 12 and begin to read about their parents? For them to hash it out in the tabloids is really wrong. They both dropped the ball on that. Regrettably, at this point; it looks like it really is all about the money and yes, while the kids need money -- kids will always need love, honesty, and familial emotional stability more.

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